Kat O'Brien(non-registered)
Very much enjoyed see your photography for the first time at the Strand Arts Center last week - your photographs were just going up as mine in the sculpture exhibition was coming down. Hope to see more!
Bonnie Black(non-registered)
Iceland looks phenomenal - reminds me, of course, of Nunavut, except I have never been there when the Aurora has been active - or at least when there hasn't been cloud cover!
It's on our bucket list to visit...hopefully, we will see what you so brilliantly captured.
Ann Lyssenko(non-registered)
Hi Penny,
Months ago now, Jeanne Azen passed on a link to your Moroccan images and I have finally made it. Life is a trip!!!
Love that color blue that showed up in so many parts of the world. In Peru it is a sacred color. Don't know if that is true in Morocco. The graphics of some of the images gave a sense of the exotic nature of this part of the world as if I had joined you on your journey. Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well! Ann
Vietnam visa brazilian(non-registered)
Thanks very handy. Will share website with my good friends. Sustain the excellent work!
Howard Jennings(non-registered)
Loved the portraits and vivid colors!
Edward Schiffler(non-registered)
Great pictures, enjoyed them very much.
Howard Jennings(non-registered)
Congratulations Penny on your new imagery. I am enjoying following your passion!
Steve Gentile(non-registered)
WOnderful work Penny - I heard your conversation on WAMC this afternoon and was so anxious to see what you saw in Cuba, particularly not the standard expected photos. The colors in Trinadad are so vibrant and alive with color.
If you plan to return please contact me I would love to discover this, as an ethnographer and photographer. Keep up the good work!
Tom Nicholas(non-registered)
Your photography has taken a major leap in the past few years. Very fine work.
Strong composition and use of available color. I enjoyed viewing every frame
Ron Rodgers(non-registered)
Great images. The sunrise series is spectacular.
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