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Kat O'Brien(non-registered)
Very much enjoyed see your photography for the first time at the Strand Arts Center last week - your photographs were just going up as mine in the sculpture exhibition was coming down. Hope to see more!
Bonnie Black(non-registered)
Iceland looks phenomenal - reminds me, of course, of Nunavut, except I have never been there when the Aurora has been active - or at least when there hasn't been cloud cover!
It's on our bucket list to visit...hopefully, we will see what you so brilliantly captured.
Ann Lyssenko(non-registered)
Hi Penny,
Months ago now, Jeanne Azen passed on a link to your Moroccan images and I have finally made it. Life is a trip!!!
Love that color blue that showed up in so many parts of the world. In Peru it is a sacred color. Don't know if that is true in Morocco. The graphics of some of the images gave a sense of the exotic nature of this part of the world as if I had joined you on your journey. Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well! Ann
Vietnam visa brazilian(non-registered)
Thanks very handy. Will share website with my good friends. Sustain the excellent work!
Howard Jennings(non-registered)
Loved the portraits and vivid colors!
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