Zenfolio | Penelope Clute Fine Art Photography | Iceland - Glimpses in Winter

"Facing the Sea," statute honoring fishermen at Reykjavik HarbourHarpa Concert Hall & Conference Center  Reykjavik HarbourHarpa exteriorHarpa exterior-2Harpa interiorMt. Esja from inside HarpaSun Voyager sculpture at Reykjavik HarbourMeet Us Don't Eat Us signWhales are killed to feed tourists signmural - childmural -_mural - US womens rights conventionmural - 3 birdsHallgrimskirkjaHallgrimskirkja pipe organOrgan at HallgrimskirkjaOrgan at Hallgrimskirkja_-2"Rescue" or "Seamen" Sculpture “Björgun úr sjávarháska” by Ásmundur Sveinssonrecord 20" of snow overnight!Outside our window, morning after 20" snow